Below are the Meadow Hills Men's Club guidlines for bunkers and Cups.



When rakes have been removed. Playing the ball as it lies is the first option. 


When ball is in a foot print or depression in a bunker.  


Lift Clean and Replace

We are allowing players to lift their ball, smooth the lie and replace the ball back on the original spot. 


One Club Length

We are also allowing players to lift their ball, and place with in one club length of its original spot. The ball must still be played out of the bunker. This rule can be applied to a buker that has a lot of traffic and smoothing the lie is not an option. 


We encurage the Lift Clean and Place rule over the club length. The goal here should be to retain as many conditions effecting the stroke as possible. 



Foam Cup Rule- My ball hit the foam and bounced out! Does it count? The short answer is NO. 


What do the rules of golf say

It says: “The words ‘at rest’ in the definition of holed are used to make it clear that if a ball falls into the hole and bounces out, it is not holed.”


Players must putt out everything untill the ball is at rest in the hole.